mapem FAQs

What is the philosophy behind map+em?

  • Simplicity.


What can map+em do / features?

  • Provides a free interactive medical text (map+em – guides by us)
  • All the information can be customised to your hospital


Do I need WiFi/internet to use this?

  • No. (But yes for the first few seconds of ever using it)

How can this be updated in real time?

  • Yes. When your app receives wifi / 3g / 4g connection it will update – just click the ‘sync’ button in the fly out menu


Will this work on all phones?

  • Android / iOS (iPhone)


How secure is map+em?

  • Very. Information is stored on an encrypted, Amazon based EC2 cloud server that is compliant with standards set out in the 1998 Data Protection Act.
  • We do not store patient data.


How much does map+em cost?

  • Downloading and using the app is completely free.
  • Please ask your hospital to contact us for a trial if they’re interested in using our licence.


How can I convince my hospital to purchase map+em?

  • email us your interest!
  • Additionally you can contact your local patient safety officer, speak to your consultant or relevant hospital administrator and advocate the app for your hospital


Is map+em up to date?

  • Yes.
  • Healthcare authorities subscribed to the map+em service are required to ensure that any data they supply is up to date and correct.

How can map+em benefit me?


  • Safer by giving you near immediate point of care guidance on local hospital policy and contact numbers.
  • More efficient by making that data almost instantaneously available on-demand online or offline.
  • Better able to integrate quickly within a local healthcare team and more fluid as a healthcare worker and clinician.


  • Protected by ensuring that you can access appropriate, up to date local guidance when necessary.

If you are a healthcare authority map+em could:


  • Save your employee’s time; making your organisation more efficient and cost effective.
  • Reduce the cost and likelihood of litigation by ensuring your employee’s have easier access to local policies and therefore practice safer.
  • Reduce the burden on your IT support staff and switchboards.


  • Decrease the time and cost needed to induct new employee’s.
  • Improve compliance with local hospital policies.


How can I get involved with map+em?

  • Go to ‘contact us’