Where do we start?


This journey began just under 9 months ago for me in the strangest of night shifts in A&E (well they all were, always). Here I am minding my own business when the on-call SHO comes down; it’s G, a friendly guy who I’ve spoken to in the past.

I’m pretty sure he fixed a nose bleed or admitted a quinsy. My memories are hazy, I don’t keep a journal except the one in my head. Maybe I was referring him a patient. Maybe I was being polite about it.

Anyway we got talking, turns out he was developing a smart phone application and he wanted me to get involved.

I said yeah sure.

Little did he know I meant it.

So he introduced me to Thom and I’ve been irritating the both of them ever since with my dry wit, charismatic charm and generally not so out of control ego.

But this is the story of a team and in the course of 9 months, 3 very different Doctors from 3 very different backgrounds have come together to bring you one very simple tool that achieves one very simple thing in 3 easy steps.

Search. Results. Documentation. 

Localised to your hospital.
by Dr Kap


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